About The Family

Nutbourne Vineyards is a family business – owned and run by the Gladwins.   


Bridget Gladwin heads up the vineyard team and is the face of the Nutbourne brand. She does this alongside her work as an artist and multiple charitable activities.


Peter Gladwin refuses to call himself a business man and prefers the terms - chef, writer and vineyard worker! He is also the Vice Chairman of the industry's National trade body - Wine of Great Britain.


Richard and Oliver Gladwin run 3 of London's most acclaimed sustainable restaurants. The award winning Shed Restaurant in Notting Hill, Rabbit in Kings Road, Chelsea and Nutbourne Restaurant, Battersea, where they specialise in natural Sussex produce and serve the range of Nutbourne wines.


Gregory Gladwin is the farmer, rearing pure bred cattle, sheep and pigs in addition to providing the vineyard upkeep and maintenance. He is the principle meat supplier for his brothers' restaurants and the story is told in the SHED COOKBOOK by the Gladwin brothers

Together the family grow, tend, harvest, bottle and then sell their Nutbourne wines - living the dream!