Wine Making

Nutbourne’s wine making has been under the guidance of consultant winemaker, Owen Elias, for nearly 30 years.
Together with the family tasting panel he steers our wine production throughout the year.

We have our own winery and wine cave at the vineyard and every aspect of our production is carried out on site.
Nutbourne wines are exclusively made from grapes grown on the estate and every aspect of the process is carried out here, from pressing, fermenting and bottling, right through to the disgorge and finishing processes of sparkling wines.
The total production averages around 50,000 bottles per year, but this varies vintage by vintage.

Sustainability in the Winery

We have an underground Wine-Cave for long term storage which remains cool in the summer months and ambient in the winter, without any need for air conditioning and the associated energy consumption.

Chemical Intervention
Great wines are made in the vineyard (not the winery) by growing excellent fruit.
We minimize chemical intervention and make sparkling wine by traditional bottle fermentation
in the Classic Method that has existed for 400 years.

We recycle as much as possible: bottles, corks and even packaging for our online and trade orders.

We use natural corks that are 100% biodegradable and recyclable from certified sustainable cork growers/suppliers.

We monitor our energy efficiency with targets to reduce the volume of water and electricity used per bottle of wine year on year. Coming soon will be solar panels on the roof of the winery to make Nutbourne even more self sufficient.

Our Restaurants
The largest portion of our production is sold directly through our own “Local & Wild” Gladwin restaurants,
alongside delicious dishes of produce from our own highly sustainable farm.
The integrated family business combines distribution to minimise food miles from field to fork (or glass).

Find out about sustainability in our vineyard