Art in Nature at Nutbourne

Art in Nature at Nutbourne

22/01/2021 Off By admin

Seeds and Sculpture

Our heritage vines planted in the Geneva Double-Curtain trellising style have always had a wonderful architectural beauty.
In summer, their heavy green curtains groan with foliage and  ripening grapes.
In Winter, their tall solid trunks taper upwards into curved arches, then bend gently towards the ground.

Last Autumn Gregory Gladwin turned over a strip of earth besides the old vines to plant a wildflower meadow.
This included clover, campion, ox-eye daisies, buttercups and grasses, which will encourage biodiversity
create a lively feeding and nesting ground for insects, birds and small animals.
At the centre of the meadow, he placed the upturned base of a lightning-struck oak tree,
a wonderful natural sculpture that will provide an over-wintering home
for many of the beneficial insects which live in the vineyard.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the vineyard this Summer to see the colourful meadow in full bloom,
between the trailing canopy of our oldest vines and the green shoots of our newest plantings,
with the striking blackened roots of the ancient oak rising above them all.