Harvest Report: 2021 Vintage

Harvest Report: 2021 Vintage

18/10/2021 Off By Vineyard Team

The Gladwin Family’s 30th Harvest at Nutbourne

We’ve just finished the 2021 harvest at Nutbourne for this year,
picking each bunch of grapes by hand to be pressed in our winery and produce the next vintage.

It was the 30th harvest at Nutbourne for the Gladwin family and
we’re looking forward to sharing the wines with you when they’re ready!
Although it wasn’t a big yield, the juice fresh from the press tasted delicious
and is now fermenting in the winery to produce what we hope will be another quality vintage.

Thank you to all our local pickers for their help with bringing the grapes in
– especially those who found their lunch had been snaffled by the vineyard dogs
whilst they were out in the vines! As usual, we all raised a glass together at the end of each day
and enjoyed a slice of cake made by Bridget Gladwin. Cheers!