Lower Alcohol Wines Preferred

04/02/2019 0 By admin

Lower alcohol wines are becoming more popular and preferred by many consumers to the stronger alcohol wines which can be over powering in taste and undesired when opting to drink less.


Lower alcohol wines originated from Mosel in Germany due to their cooler climates which resulted in growing grapes with less sugar content and therefore reducing the amount of alcohol produced during fermentation. This can be replicated in the UK due to our cooler temperatures during the growing season.


Lower alcohol wines are achieved by either using grapes with less sugar content, or by stopping fermentation early to achieve the desired levels. With our Nutty Wild we take advantage of the lower sugar levels in our Pinot Noir grapes and allow the fermentation to use all the natural sugars to create a lower alcohol wine at 10%. This creates a light, dry and tangy rosé wine.