A Pairing of Wine and Paintings: Our New Art Cards

A Pairing of Wine and Paintings: Our New Art Cards

07/01/2021 Off By admin

A Focus on Bridget Gladwin’s Original Artworks

The next time you visit the cellar door or receive an online order you might notice a new flash of colour.

As so many of you loved hearing about the inspiration behind Bridget Gladwin’s artworks
that can be seen on our beautiful bottle labels, we decided to feature them on new art cards,
along with tasting notes and food pairing suggestions for each of our wines.

From the colourful textured patchwork depicting the South Downs on our Hedgerow label,
to the stark beauty of double curtain trellising in winter on our Sussex Reserve,
to the bright orange abstract lobster depicted on our Chardonnay label,
there’s a wealth of detail and wonderful depth to each piece.
As well as being a quite useful guide for tasting our wines and how to pair them with food,
we think they’ll look rather striking on your mantlepiece once you’ve finished your wine.

Simply pick them up with your wines when you next pop by the cellar door to stock up
– our online gift boxes also include a card for each wine to add that extra special touch.